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Pension / SIPP

This report is divided into 2 sections – the first covering the company itself with topics such as: company history, corporate governance, legal structure, staff information including key personnel, administration & IT operations, business continuity/disaster recovery systems, money laundering, compliance/regulation, risk management etc.

The second section drills down into the Pension/SIPP functionality investigating the pension services available such as FAD, UFPLS etc., as well as including those specific to a SIPP such as commercial property, what investments options are permitted, the ancillary benefits available, the linkage to third party tools and services, as well as the support/facilities available to the adviser, then finally the important part – the fees, charges and costs.

Overall this report should enable you to make an informed decision on whether this is an appropriately run business to expose your clients to.

Licence Agreement/Terms & Conditions:

Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you within 48hrs and request your company logo for your bespoke report. All orders are subject to our Licence Agreement and Terms and Conditions issued upon confirmation of your order. 

We will aim to deliver the completed report within 28 days, however, this is very much dependent on the provider.